Communications Chair

Emi Froud


Field of study and inspiration for taking the MPA:

Emi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Human Resource Management Certificate from Saint Mary’s University. She enrolled in the Master of Public Administration program with aspirations of starting a career in the public service, in particular social policy development. Emi is very motivated by her learning opportunities and inspired by making visible differences in her surroundings. 

Why you wanted to work on ACPA:

Emi worked with the partnerships committee for ACPA 2018 and wanted to remain a part of the planning committee. She was interested in being Communications Chair because it allows her to continue her professional development and be exposed to meaningful conversations in public administration.  

Why you feel ACPA is important:

Emi feels that ACPA is an important aspect to our education as MPA candidates because we are given the opportunity to further explore relevant topics of the Atlantic region by discussing with academics and professionals who are educated in these areas and have meaningful contributions to offer.