Logistics Chair

Blair Jones

Field of study and inspiration for taking the MPA:

Blair has a Bachelor of Science (Honours Psychology) from Saint Mary’s University. She enrolled in the MPA program because she grew interested in governance and policy after her experience with student government, which ultimately lead her to pursue the Master of Public Administration. She is extremely passionate about working and volunteering for not-for-profits and non-governmental organizations, where she is able to see first-hand the positive impact of my involvement in the community!

Research interests and policy interests:

· Health Policy

· Environmental Policy 

· Rural and Economic Development

Why you wanted to work on ACPA:

Blair volunteered for the ACPA conference in 2018 on the Logistics Committee. In particular, she found it exciting to see all of the students’ work and planning come to fruition. She wants to use her knowledge and experience to work with the student organizing team to bring more policy conversation to the table.

Why you feel ACPA is important:

It is thrilling to see students, faculty and public servants all come together to discuss policy issues facing the Atlantic region. It’s important to bring together to have academic and practical conversations about complex problems. ACPA provides a chance for both students and public servants to learn from one another while expanding their knowledge through programming.