Fundraising and Partnerships Chair

Kaitlynne Lowe

Field of study and inspiration for the taking the MPA:
My passion for community service is what has lead my to take the MPA program.

Research interests and policy interests:

Areas relating to education, including post-secondary education, as I believe these are foundations for social development. 

Why you wanted to work on ACPA:
Working on ACPA 2018 was an immensely rewarding experience, and I hope to take what I have learned so far to make ACPA 2019 a rewarding and inclusive experience for everyone involved. I hope to find innovative ways to connect people and organizations to engage in ACPA.

Why you feel ACPA is important:

ACPA brings together professionals, academics, students, and members of the community to focus on how the public can be better served. It is important that public service be constantly informed by different perspectives, current knowledge, and lived experience. ACPA provides and opportunity to share knowledge and experience in order to inform the public service of tomorrow.