Programming Vice Chair

Meghan Smook


Field of study and inspiration for taking the MPA: 

Meghan obtained her B.Sc. in Human Ecology from the University of Alberta. Within the Human Ecology program, Meghan majored in Family Ecology and minored in Community Nutrition. Much of her work experience has been in the Human Services field in public and private capacities where she developed and implemented preventative programs and services. Meghan decided to apply to the MPA program in order to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of how the policies adopted by governments and public agencies come to directly touch people in their everyday lives.

Research interests and policy interests:

  • Social policy
  • Food policy

Why you wanted to work on ACPA: 

Meghan first became involved with the ACPA Communications Committee in her first year in the MPA program. In that position, Meghan enjoyed working with a great team of faculty and staff to help showcase some of the work around public policy in the Atlantic region. Meghan decided to become part of the ACPA organizing committee because she believes ACPA is a great way for the academic and professional communities to work together to create a meaningful professional development opportunity.

Why you feel ACPA is important: 

Meghan feels that ACPA is important as it provides a forum for professionals and students to network, share ideas and develop insights.