Registration Chair

Elizabeth Burton

Field of study and inspiration for taking the MPA

Elizabeth has a Bachelor’s Degree in Policital Science and Development Studies with a focus on Canadian Politics and International Relations from St. Francis Xavier University. 

Research interests and policy interests:

· Canadian and International Politics

· Political History

· Immigration

· Women’s and Gender Issues

· Aboriginal Governance

Why you feel ACPA is important:

Elizabeth believes ACPA is incredibly important because it provides students with a challenging opportunity to take initiative to plan a conference that promotes innovative thinking and networking. ACPA also provides an opportunity for students, public servants, and professors to discuss and debate issues relevant to public administration and governance not only in Nova Scotia, but in broader regional, national, and international contexts. Finally, Elizabeth things that ACPA challenges public servants and students to remain dynamic, and to continue to question ways of doing things and remain thoughtful and even innovative through their daily work.